User Management in Mapon Platform

User management is available to existing users with administrator or unlimited access rights.

About users

Using a single account for all operations might seem convenient, but it can quickly lead to complications, especially when multiple individuals are using it for different purposes. This can result in an organizational mess and, more critically, pose a potential risk to the security of your data.

On the Mapon platform, you can address these challenges by adopting multiple user profiles with varied access levels and functionalities. This proves to be a game-changer, offering a tailored approach to access rights and employee management. 

Key Features

  • See and manage all the users who have access to your fleet's data;
  • Delete the users of employees who don't work at your company anymore;
  • Manage different access rights and restrictions;
  • Create the user rights preset and simplify the way of managing the access rights to users.

User Management

For further guidance on utilizing the solution, refer to the relevant articles below: 

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