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Why is my vehicle displayed with a black icon on the map?

If you notice that your vehicle is displayed with a black icon on the map, it means that the telematic device installed in your vehicle is currently offline and not sending any data. This could be due to various reasons, but there are steps you can take to address the issue.

1. Communicate with the Driver

Reach out to the driver of the vehicle to understand the specifics of their location.
If the vehicle is in an area near state borders, in tunnels, forests, or any other location where the mobile network connection might be weak, this could be the reason for the device being unable to connect and send data.
Once the device is situated in an area with strong mobile network coverage, it will reconnect to transmit data.

2. Verify Vehicle Fuses

Inspect the vehicle's fuses to ensure they are functioning properly.
A blown fuse could be the reason for the telematic device's lack of power, resulting in an offline status.

Note! If the vehicle's battery is depleted, it could also be the cause of the device's power deficiency.

3. Check Recent Vehicle Activity

Verify if the vehicle has been driven in the past few days.
If the vehicle has not been driven, it may explain the lack of data transmission. In this case, consider starting the vehicle and allowing it to run for a short period to see if the telematic device comes back online.

4. Verify Telematic Device Connection

If the vehicle has been in repair service lately, confirm whether the telematic device has been disconnected or tampered with during the service.
It's possible that during maintenance or repair work, the connection to the device may have been disrupted.

5. Contact Support

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, please contact Mapon Client Support Team as our team has access to additional troubleshooting steps and can provide further assistance.