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Why remote tachograph downloads do not work?

While remote tachograph downloads on the Mapon platform are designed to be seamless, there are certain situations where the process might not work as expected.

Here are some potential reasons why remote downloads may not be successful:

  1. Expired Company Card - If your company card has expired, the remote download process cannot be executed. Ensure that the card is up-to-date to avoid any disruptions in the download process.
  2. Incomplete Conditions for Download - For a successful remote tachograph download, all necessary conditions must be met. This includes factors like having the vehicle's ignition turned on, ensuring the device is properly connected, and that the necessary network connectivity is available. Failure to meet these conditions may prevent the download from executing.
  3. Technical Device Connection Issues - A potential cause for failed remote downloads could be technical issues with the connection of the device responsible for the tachograph download.

  4. Internal Tachograph Error - Occasionally, internal errors within the tachograph system itself may interfere with remote downloads. In such cases, it may be necessary to troubleshoot the specific tachograph unit and seek technical assistance from specialized tachograph technicians. 
  5. Issues with Tachograph Server - Outage or connectivity issues can prevent the requests for remote downloads from being processed.
  6. Large Fleet Size - In cases where you have a particularly large fleet, it's possible that a single tachograph company card may not be able to execute all download requests efficiently. In such instances, you may need to consider ordering multiple company cards to allocate downloads more effectively. 
  7. Depot usage - Utilizing depots allows you to categorize vehicles and drivers into groups, especially when multiple vehicles from different companies are registered under one Mapon account. When using depots, ensure that the vehicles are allocated to the appropriate depot for the download to proceed.
  8. Company Card Lock-In - For the download authorization process to execute, your company card must be locked into the tachograph as a means of registering the tachograph to the company. During authorization, the system checks if the locked card matches with the card in the tachograph. If they do not match, the download will not be possible. Note that failing to lock in the card may result in fines.
  9. Device Compatibility - Not all devices and tachographs support remote downloads. Verify that the tachograph and telematics device installed on the vehicle are compatible to enable seamless remote tachograph downloads.


If you encounter any difficulties with remote tachograph downloads and require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our client support team at support@mapon.com