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Why is the vehicle black and not sending data?

This situation can occur for a number of reasons. First we recommend that you check the actual condition of the vehicle:

  • whether it is in a place with good mobile network coverage (not crossing state borders, not in a garage, on a boat, in the woods, etc.);
  • the vehicle is in a good technical condition (the battery is not dead, there are no faulty fuses);
  • the vehicle has not been in a repair service where the installed device may have been disconnected;
  • the vehicle is not fitted with any additional equipment that could affect the power supply and/or the mobile phone signal (extra heaters for long-distance drivers in winter, mobile microwave ovens, etc.).

If you are sure that none of the above contributed to the loss of signal from the device, please contact our support team and we will check the possible causes of data loss.