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Why am I unable to see the fuel data in Mapon when my vehicle is equipped with a CAN connection?

Different vehicles track fuel differently on the on-board computer (CAN). In some cases, litres are counted, while in others, it is a percentage. Mapon equipment with CAN connection is able to read this data in both litres and percentages.

If we are receiving data from the vehicle in litres, you don't need to do anything, as the fuel data will immediately start to be reflected in the fuel chart when our device receives it.

If we receive fuel data from the vehicle in percentages, that data won't be reflected immediately because the system doesn't receive tank capacity information. The tank capacity must be entered manually in the vehicle profile.

There are several ways to open the vehicle profile, but the quickest way is on the map itself, after you have opened the car. Simply click on the vehicle number, which is highlighted in blue.

This will open the Vehicle profile, which has an "Edit vehicle" button on the right side. Click it.

In the edit window, open the Technical Information section. Here you will find all the technical parameters that you can specify to ensure that your vehicle information is fully reflected in other reports and sections of Mapon. 

Select the fuel type and enter the tank capacity. Once you have entered all the required information, click the "Save" button.

From now on we will start displaying the percentage values of fuel in litres in your Mapon profile.


If you have entered the necessary information and are still unable to view fuel data, please contact Mapon client support team for further assistance.