What is CAN bus and how it contributes to fleet management?

CAN bus, or Controller Area Network, is a communication protocol used in different industries, especially in cars and factories. It lets microcontrollers and devices talk to each other directly, without needing a main computer in between.

In telematics, CAN bus plays a crucial role in collecting and transmitting data from vehicles to central systems for analysis, monitoring, and reporting. The telematics device acts like a messenger between the vehicle's computer and fleet management platform. It doesn't change or calculate things, just sends the raw data straight to the server. So, in most cases, what you see on the monitoring software is exactly what's been read from the vehicle's systems through the CAN bus.

The most common data received from CAN bus connections:
  • Real-time odometer readings
  • Fuel data (level and consumption)
  • Engine performance (engine hours, RPM, temperature)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to read CAN data from all types of vehicles?

Yes, in most cases, a telematics device can read CAN data from various types of vehicles. However, the ability to do so may depend on factors such as the vehicle's make, model, and year, as well as the compatibility of the telematics device with the vehicle's systems.

If you are interested in reading CAN data from your vehicle, contact us with the specifics of your vehicle and our team will assess the feasibility of doing so and provide you with an answer.

2.  What is the benefit of connecting telematic device to vehicle's CAN bus? 

Connecting your GPS tracker to the CAN bus can provide more detailed information on your fleet management platform, which can enhance the precision of data and improve insights into your fleet's operations.

3. Will connecting telematic device to CAN bus impact technical condition of my vehicle? 
Connecting a telematics device to the CAN bus generally won't affect your vehicle's technical condition.
Nowadays, advancements allow for contactless connections, eliminating the need to cut any vehicle wires.

4. Why CAN data on the platform differs from the actual information visible in my vehicle's dashboard? 

The CAN data on the platform may differ from what you see on your vehicle's dashboard because, in some cases, the platform might display additional or processed information beyond what's shown directly on the dashboard.

CAN bus data generally is considered to be highly accurate and reliable, however, errors from internal onboard computers can potentially impact the accuracy of the readings.