What do the arrow and square icons in the distance section mean?

Depending on the type of telematic device installed in your vehicle, the representation of distance displayed on the online map may vary.

The square icon represents the mileage measured by CAN (direct reading from vehicle odometer).
The arrow represents the mileage measured by GPS.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes the variation in distance between odometer and GPS readings?
First and foremost, the data differs because it’s obtained in different ways. Odometer data is received through various electro-mechanical converters and depends on the wheel speed, while GPS fleet tracking system data is obtained by mathematical calculations of the vehicle’s location according to the navigation satellites. 
More information on this topic can be found in our blog.

2. Why I cannot see odometer readings for my vehicle on the online map? 
Not all telematic devices are equipped with the ability to read odometer data. However, if your telematic device can normally read odometer data, but you suddenly notice that this information is missing, it could be due to issues with device connectivity, technical malfunctions, or internal errors in the vehicle itself.
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