Reports on the Mapon Platform

The types of reports accessible in your Mapon account may vary based on your subscription plan. 

About Reports

Understanding and analyzing data is pivotal for informed decision-making in any organization.

The reporting feature on Mapon platform is designed to simplify this process, providing users with a toolset to organize, schedule, and customize reports tailored to their specific needs.

Utilize a variety of reports to obtain a thorough insight into your fleet's data, enabling diverse calculations and conclusions to streamline daily operations and enhance fleet efficiency.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Use report grouping and descriptions to navigate to the report's content and purpose.
  • Add reports to favorites to quickly access frequently used reports, saving time and streamlining workflow.
  • Personalize your reports by selecting the specific data you want to see using settings conveniently located above or below the report.
  • Schedule reports to get up-to-date data exactly when you need it most. Reports can be received by email, eliminating the need to log in.