How to Use Scheduled Reports for Efficient Reporting?

Tired of manually configuring reports every time you need them? Say goodbye to repetitive report setups and embrace the convenience of scheduled reports with Mapon.

Creating a scheduled report

  1. Navigate to the Scheduled Reports tab on the left toolbar of the platform or click button "Scheduled Reports" button in the top right corner of the Reports center.
  2. A relevant settings section will open. 
  3. Click on the "SCHEDULE NEW REPORT" button and select the desired report from the available list.
  4. Configure settings and features according to your preferences. Specify the frequency and delivery location for the generated report.
  5. Once all settings are adjusted, click "SAVE" to activate the scheduled report.

You can manage your scheduled reports in the overall list, allowing you to edit or delete them as needed.
Enhance organization by assigning a name to each scheduled report, making it easier to understand its purpose and track its status. The chosen report name will also be reflected in the email text if included.

Tip! Keep an eye on the Reports section for the scheduled report icon, indicating how many versions of that report have been scheduled.  


What if the report I need is not available in the list of scheduled reports?

If you don't see the report in the list, it may not be available for scheduling at the moment. 
Our team is actively working to expand the range of scheduled reports and improve Mapon's features and capabilities.

If there is a particular report you would like to see available for scheduling, please share your suggestion with the Mapon Client Support team and we will take it into consideration for future enhancements. 

What if I haven't received a scheduled report in my email? 

Scheduled reports are sent at the specified time to the email address specified in the report settings.
If you have not received the report, we recommend:
  • check that the email address you entered is correct;
  • check your SPAM folder.