How to set up Mapon and the integration is a freight exchange and logistics platform for shippers, freight forwarders and carriers.

Thanks to the integration, you can automatically view relevant fleet data from Mapon on the platform, such as location, type, capacity, current driver and other useful information for each vehicle.

To set up the integration:

1. On, open the 'Fleet' tab (1.) (you must have an existing account or need to create one - see for how to do this) and click on 'Add vehicle' (2.) in the upper right corner of the screen.


2. Fill in all the necessary information about the vehicles. Go to 'Telematics' (1.) and click on 'Add provider' (2.).


3. In the next step, enter 'Mapon' into the search box. When the system finds our platform, click 'Use'.


4. After that, open the Mapon platform in a new window and in the settings (1.) select the integration tab (2).


5. Press the 'Create user' button in the upper right corner of the screen - a new window opens where you can enter the user name and password of your choice.


6. Copy and paste this username and password into the previously open Telematics section in and click 'Log in'.


7. Select the appropriate vehicle from your fleet to be associated with this vehicle in and click the 'Save' button.


8. Continue completing the other sections for this vehicle - once you've completed everything, you've successfully set up the integration!

9. To add a new vehicle, press the 'Add vehicle' button and repeat the above steps!