How to change the vehicle title and licence plate number in the Mapon platform?

Enter and edit general information about the vehicle to see it displayed all over the platform. 

Licence plate The alphanumeric code assigned to your vehicle as documented in its registration papers.
Vehicle Title The designated text utilized across different sections of the platform for easy identification.
Icon Text The textual information displayed on an online map, facilitating the labeling of your fleet using internal identifiers within the map interface.

Edit data

  1. Choose your vehicle on an Online Map.

  2. Click on the  symbol in the detailed vehicle view and choose Vehicle Settings.

  3. In the pop-up window, edit the necessary information. 

  4. Click Save

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I cannot edit the vehicle licence plate in the platform? 
To safeguard against unauthorized data alterations, users with restricted access need to enable editing permissions. Reach out to your account administrator to have this permission added to your user account and proceed with vehicle number change. 

2. Why I don't see the vehicle licence plate displayed on the online map? 
The vehicle license plate will serve as the primary identification by default. However, if the vehicle icon text field is completed, it will take precedence as the primary identification on the online map.
Rest assured, you can still locate the vehicle using its number in the search bar located on the left.