How to activate SENT GEO integration

If you don't have access to the integration, contact your Client Project manager or Mapon Client Support team.


SENT GEO is a system used in Poland, that aims to eliminate fraud related to VAT, excise duties, and other forms of tax.

If you are shipping, receiving, transporting the so-called "sensitive goods" or trading in heating fuel you are obliged to report the transport to the electronic SENT register and update it. As a carrier, you are also obliged to equip the means of transport with a device transmitting geolocation data.

For more information about SENT system and regulations see the link here

Activation Manual

  1. Log in to your Mapon account 
  2. In the left toolbar under section Settings find the Integrations tab and locate SENT GEO solution. All company vehicles will be displayed in the table
  3. Find the vehicle you want to register in the SENT-GEO system and press the button REGISTER CAR

  4. Once the registration process is complete and successful, OBU ID and PIN will appear for the registered vehicle 
  5. To enable geolocation data forwarding to SENT system, click the button in Data Forward column
  6. After data forwarding is activated, the integration is fully set up and ready to use. Coordinates will not be sent to the SENT GEO system when the vehicle is outside Polish borders