How to activate Mapon and e-TOLL integration for automatic toll payment in Poland

To use e-TOLL integration, your vehicle must be equipped with a certified device.
A full list of certified devices by Mapon can be found here

If you don't have access to this integration, contact your Client Project manager or Mapon Client Support team.

Step 1 - Register Vehicle in Mapon

  1. Log in to your Mapon account. 
  2. In the left toolbar find the Integrations tab and locate Poland e-Toll solution.
  3. Find the vehicle you want to register in the list of the e-TOLL solution and click REGISTER CAR.
  4. When the e-TOLL system registers the vehicle, you will be provided with an OBU ID and PIN.

Note! Enabling integration for the vehicle sends mandatory e-TOLL configuration to the device, which may impact the increase in mobile data consumption, therefore an additional subscription fee could be applied. 

Step 2 - Register Vehicle in e-TOLL

  1. Login to your e-TOLL account. (Information for registration can be found here)
  2. Register the vehicle in e-TOLL platform, see the video below for instructions.

Step 3 - Enable Data Forwarding

After the vehicle registration in the e-TOLL account is done, enable data forwarding to the e-TOLL system within Mapon platform.


After data forwarding is activated, the e-TOLL integration is fully set up and ready to use.