How do I use Alerts to monitor the technical condition of my device?

Monitoring the technical health of your telematic devices is crucial for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of your fleet management system.

This article will guide you through the process of checking the technical status of your telematic device using Mapon Alerts.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Log in to Your Mapon Account
  2. Navigate to Alerts center in the left toolbar of the platform 
  3. Click the "Add new alert" button
  4. Locate Technical Alerts subsection
    • GPRS Signal Lost: Indicates a lack of communication with the server due to the signal loss of a mobile network provider. 

    • No GPS: Alerts you when the GPS signal is lost. This could be due to poor satellite visibility or device placement. 

    • Power Off: Notifies you if the telematic device has been powered off. 

  5. Fill in the necessary information to set up the alert
  6. Click "SAVE"



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do if I receive no GPRS alert? 

If the Mapon platform has alerted you about the absence of incoming GPRS signals to your device, there's no cause for concern.

Verify that the device is situated in an area with sufficient GPRS network coverage. Communication problems may arise due to inadequate network reception. In cases where the vehicle is positioned in areas with weak or no signal, such as forests, proximity to borders, placement within a hangar, or during ferry transit, the device will automatically re-establish connection with the mobile operator once the vehicle is relocated to an area with improved network coverage.

2. What to do if I receive no GPS alert? 

If you've received a no GPS signal alert from the Mapon platform, ensure there are no extra devices in the vehicle that could potentially obstruct the GPS signal.

Typically, GPS problems occur when the device struggles to establish a connection with satellites, often attributed to the vehicle's location, GPS signal jammers, or complications with GPS antenna connectivity.

Should the problem persist, reach out to the Mapon Client Support team for assistance.

3. What to do if I receive a power-off alert? 

If you've received a notification regarding your device being powered off, please verify that the device has not been physically disconnected from its power source. Also, confirm that the main power source, such as the vehicle battery, has not been removed.

If the device remains untouched and the vehicle is indeed in operation, please reach out to the Mapon Client Support team for assistance.