How do GPS devices work?

GPS devices use a system called GPS (Global Positioning System) to find their exact location anywhere on Earth.
Each device is equipped with a SIM card and a GPS antenna to facilitate communication and location tracking.

There are three main terms related to GPS tracking devices: 

  1. GPS: This is the global navigation satellite system that gives accurate location information to GPS trackers.
  2. GSM: This stands for Global System for Mobile communications. It's the technology that lets mobile devices connect to the internet and communicate through cell towers.
  3. GPRS: This is an enhancement to GSM. It helps mobile devices connect to the internet and transfer data more efficiently.

All GPS devices use mobile networks to send real-time data to fleet management providers, helping with remote monitoring and management, providing useful information to businesses and individuals.

If a stable connection to the mobile operator cannot be established, the device will not be able to transmit any data