How to integrate Mapon platform with Tachogram?

Tachogram is a web application for analyzing digital tachograph data.

Mapon  integration with Tachogram allows you to upload remotely downloaded tachograph files for faster and more convenient data analysis.


NB! To successfully create this integration, you need to create an account on the Tachogram webpage first. 


1.  In the Tachogram webpage, go to Settings >> Integrations and press Create API key button




2.  Write the name of the API key - it can be anything - and press the Create Key button



3.  After pressing the button, you will see the generated API key. Copy it, as this information will entered later in the Mapon platform.



4. In Mapon platform open Settings >> Tachograph file upload and click New upload configuration 



5. In the opened window, fill in the required fields as indicated below. Copy the previously created combination of numbers and letters from the Tachogram platform into the API key window.



6. When data is saved - the integration is successfully created. In addition, you will see that Log button appears next to the added API key. 


By pressing it, you will be able to see when the last file uploads were made to Tachogram.


NB! Note that both API keys must match for the integration to be successful. If any changes are made, for example, the old API key is deleted or a new one is created, the file upload will not happen!