How does Mapon work?

This is a short introduction into Mapon fleet management and asset tracking platform. If you're new to the platform or want to know more about how it works, keep watching and explore the functionality of the main sections in the platform.

The video will introduce you to the following sections:
0:00 Welcome to the Mapon platform tour!
0:15 User settings and information
0:28 Navigation bar
0:58 Map
1:33 Dashboards
1:59 Route Planning
2:24 Reports
2:51 Alerts
3:15 Fuel
3:37 Messaging
4:02 Fleet Management
4:32 Driver Behavior
5:03 Worktime
5:31 Carsharing
5:53 Forms
6:16 Cameras
7:03 Tachogram
7:28 Settings
8:02 You've completed the tour!