Alerts on the Mapon platform

Efficient fleet management is vital for businesses, and utilizing alerts is a powerful way to stay on top of everyday operations. 

Whether you're a fleet manager looking to enhance safety or an operations team aiming for greater efficiency, alerts provide a proactive approach to managing your fleet.
Stay ahead of potential issues and keep your operations running smoothly by leveraging the alert features at your disposal.

Key Features:

  1. Centralized Alert Hub: A centralized hub for managing all your alerts on the platform allows for seamless monitoring and adjustments.

  2. Easy Creation and Management: The intuitive process of alert creation and management enables users to customize alerts based on specific criteria, ensuring that the system notifies you precisely when and how you need it.

  3. Tailoring Alert Delivery and Activation: Alerts can be delivered to your email, phone number*, or as a pop-up in the web interface. Additionally, you have the flexibility to set the activity of the alert, specifying if it should be always on or activated during specific periods (e.g., only on weekends). Adjusting which vehicles are included in the alert further personalizes your alert system.
  4. Diverse Applications of Alerts: Mapon's alert system is customizable for every occasion. Whether it's technical, service, tachograph, object, or driving alerts, there are numerous options available to ensure you stay informed.


*Note! Receiving notifications via text message comes with an associated cost.